My Big Fat Italian Life


Hi world and welcome to my big fat Italian life!  I am currently living in a great city, working in PR and enjoying being a young professional in Chicago!  I’m currently living in Indianapolis and working in advertising (a dream come true). I enjoyed the roller coaster ride after college, but am excited about where I’ve ended up, and what is yet to come!

A lot of my recipes are going to be Italian (hence my Big Fat Italian life title).  I am proud of my heritage and LOVE Italian food.  I am pretty sure I could live off of pasta, and I actually did when I spent 5 months in Florence, Italy. Other recipes on this site will be ones that inspire me, challenge me, and make my mouth water – hopefully making yours as well.


This blog is being created to live as my virtual cookbook. I have been wanting to create a home for all of my recipes, and I figured there was no better way than through a blog where I can share them with the world!

I hope you enjoy reading about my life and cooking adventures and maybe even get the chance to enjoy my recipes!

Want to talk about cooking or share recipes/ideas?  I would love to share ideas and experiences!

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3 thoughts on “My Big Fat Italian Life

  1. Antonia

    This is exciting! I can’t wait to try all the recipes! I have an idea… when you come to town you should try a recipe on the cousins or we need to come visit you?!

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