Fileno al Mirtilio aka Blueberry Steak

So I have been a scavenger, frantically searching the internet for recipes similar to the blueberry steak I had in Florence almost 4 years ago (AH! that makes me feel old…I wasn’t even 21!). Aqua al Due was my favorite restaurant and I have been wanting this steak more than anything! Even though according to my friend, who I won’t name, claimed that Laura and I liked everything in Florence because we were “fat,” so it isn’t a testament to how good the meal was. He is wrong. It was amazingly delicious.

Anyway, I hate to admit this, but trial #1 wasn’t exactly a success. The sauce, in my opinion, was not very good. I would have much rather enjoyed my steak without the sauce, but in my excitement I covered the steak without thinking. Some of my taste testers did not agree with me, and enjoyed the sauce, but I know it was gross and I can admit it…with hesitation. I know there is a fix to the sauce and I am determined to uncover the true recipe.

My parents and Grandparent’s were in Chicago this weekend and I saved the remaining sauce for them to try. My mother is an amazing cook, my Grandma’s food is famous, and my Grandfather is an amazing chef, so I knew they would be tough critics. They all thought the sauce was good, and said I probably did not cook the sauce long enough, and the flavors more than likely came out in the sauce overnight.

I thought using ketchup was the mistake I made, but my Grandma thinks I just used the wrong kind, and should have used a spicier ketchup, rather than the condiment kind. Also, she thought the sauce would be a lot better on pork. So I’m still not completely satisfied with the sauce, but I am glad it was not a complete failure! I am going to grab some pork this week and try the sauce out again!

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures to share. My lovely phone broke and the pictures I took are lost, but no worries, I got the new iPhone 4 this past weekend and have a ton of pictures from my Italian adventure around Chicago!

5 thoughts on “Fileno al Mirtilio aka Blueberry Steak

  1. What recipe did you use? I just got back from Florence and fell in love with that sauce at Acqua al 2. I found a recipe on Epicurious that claims to be “based on” it, and I note that it has ketchup on the ingredient list. Was that it? It seems like a reasonable place to start, but I’m suspicious that she lists “butter or margarine” in the ingredients. Like anybody in Florence would use margarine.

    1. Hi Craig! I’m jealous you just returned from Florence. I can’t wait to get back!

      Unfortunately, I didn’t save the recipe I used (which I’m not sure why). It didn’t taste the same and I think I was still planning to continue my search! I agree that it seems weird to use Ketchup, and I still have my doubts that the Italians actually do…

      Wish I could help!

      1. My web search turned up two recipes, both of which include ketchup. I don’t recall seeing ketchup in my local Conad City, not that I was looking for it. Perhaps the real recipe uses a bit of tomato paste, vinegar, and sugar. FWIW, here are the two I found:
        The Epicurious one *claims* to be based on the Acqua al 2 recipe.

        When you do go back to Florence, make sure you hit Rivareno for your gelato. Hands down the best in town, head and shoulders over the (admittedly very good) tourist gelato.


  2. Still waiting on the ‘Roof’ Lasagna. Not only was it FABULOUS, but I love the single servings so you don’t have to make a mess cutting it! Let’s learn that! Love ya! DiAnne

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