Mushroom Risotto

As a child, well who am I kidding, up until the age of 19 or 20, I was the world’s pickiest eater. I had my first cheeseburger in high school. I wouldn’t try ketchup until I was 16 because I thought it just looked gross. I had my first salad Freshman year of college, and even then it was pretty plain. I didn’t even eat a tomato until I was 20 and studying abroad in Italy. I waited until the last week that I was there to even try it and I loved it. It was at that moment I realized how much of an idiot I was being spending my life afraid of food.

It’s funny that I spent so much time disgusted by the look of certain foods and now mushrooms (cl) are one of my favorites! I remember the first time I attempted to try a mushroom. I think I was a Junior or Senior in college and my friend Ryan had made me a steak dinner for my Christmas present. He had made this mushroom sauce to go on top of our steaks and I stubbornly refused to eat. After much persuasion, I think I put the mushroom in my mouth, but ended up spitting it out without even taking an actual bite. Looking back now, I am sure the mushroom sauce was amazing and I regret not even attempting to try it. Especially after he put in all the effort to make dinner.

Well, now that I love mushrooms and almost always have them in my fridge, I was excited to make something new with them. I loved the Edamame Risotto I made so much, that I thought I would give Mushroom Risotto a try! For some reason I find making risotto relaxing. I had come home from work and just had the urge to make something, so I pulled out the mushrooms and just went for it. As I stood at the stove stirring the rice, I realized I had completely relaxed from my day and kind of drifted off into a peaceful trance. And then eating the yummy mushroom risotto only made my night better!

Mushroom Risotto


Package of mushrooms (Client)

1 cup Aborio rice

1 tbsp unsalted butter

Olive Oil

About 2 tbsp of Truffle Oil

1/3 cup Chicken broth (this is an estimate as I didn’t measure)

1/2 cup dry white wine




Parmesan Cheese


Saute the mushroom in olive oil, coat with 1 tbsp of truffle oil, and season with salt, pepper and a few shakes of basil.

Saute for about 20 minutes on medium heat, until golden brown and set aside.

While the mushrooms are cooking, heat olive oil and butter in a large pan. Add the rice and coat in oil. Toast the rice for about 3 minutes. Reduce heat and add some garlic powder (a few shakes), the white wine and chicken broth. Once the wine and broth has evaporated, add in 1 1/3 cup of hot water. Stir continuously until the water has evaporated and the consistency is creamy.

Continue this process with the water two more times. Remember to keep stirring. Once the rice is creamy, but still slightly firm, remove from heat.

Season with salt and pepper and add the mushrooms. On low heat, mix in the mushrooms and add 1 tbsp of truffle oil. Season with parmesan cheese and again with salt, pepper and basil to taste. Serve and enjoy!

I am off to Florida on Friday (finally!) and will be out of commission. Hopefully when I get home I will get back in the kitchen and trying some more new recipes. I still have yet to make pizza from scratch and after the amazing pizza I had last night with my friends at Sapore di Napoli, I think I need to give it a try!


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