Pasta Bolognese

Last year, when I first started this blog, I made a list of some of my favorite food.  Food I’ve always wanted to try, or family recipes I need to learn how to make. Pasta Bolognese was on the top of my list. My Aunt and Uncle make a delicious Bolognese sauce. Yes, it’s because they are very good cooks, but it’s also my Uncle’s family recipe and he is from Bologna, Italy. It’s only fitting that they would make a delicious Bolognese sauce! Needless to say, almost a year later, I made my first Bolognese sauce and I am proud to say that it was a success!

My Aunt Antonia gave me her recipe so long ago, but as I went back through my notes, I realized I had quickly jotted down what she was saying and left off some very important information. How many carrots and celery sticks was I supposed to use? How much cream do I use? Well in true Lucia fashion, I decided to wing it and go off my natural instinct. With fears of my days in Italy and my waist line rushing to the front of my mind,  I decided to cut back on the cream and use half cream, half skim milk. I added a bouillon cube to add back in some flavor.

I made the sauce the night before and it was delicious. When Laura got home from work she couldn’t stop taking bites out of the pot; I of course was joining her, too. When I went to heat it up before our actual dinner, it had really thickened over night, so I added a tiny bit more skim milk. Mistake. I was disappointed that it took out a lot of the original flavor. Laura and I of course noticed it because we were lucky enough to enjoy it the night before, but Maegan and Jordan thought it still tasted good! At least two of us got to experience it in its greatness before I made a cooking mistake.

Pasta Bolognese


1/3 of a large onion

2 cloves of garlic

3 Carrots

3 sticks of celery

1 lb ground beef

1 pint of heavy whipping cream (I used less than 1 pint and the rest with skim milk)

2 cans of Hunt (cl) tomato sauce (add salt, pepper, a little less than 1/3 skim milk)


Very finely chop carrots and celery and set aside. Finely chop onion and saute with garlic in olive oil until translucent. Add the chopped carrots and celery, ground beef and cover with heavy whipping cream. Let reduce while covered.

Once cream is reduced, add the tomato sauce. Let cook for approximately 3 hours.

Chopped Onion, Celery and Carrots

Cover the ingredients in cream and let reduce

Jordan waiting for some free dinner 🙂

Pasta Bolognese

I am glad that I can finally say I made a Bolognese sauce and proud that I now will know how to make it without even following a recipe. It’s always fun to make something for the first time and realize that while it may take a while, it’s not too difficult, and it’s also fairly cheap! And any meal these days that I can make without spending an arm and a leg at the grocery store is my kind of meal!

I am also proud to say that I have almost made it to the one year mark of My Big Fat Italian Life! It is crazy to think back of the first blog post I wrote, and remember it as if it were yesterday. I’m also proud that I not only made it a full year blogging and stuck with my kitchen adventures, but I’ve made a lot of delicious meals along the way and shared a ton of meals with my family and friends!

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Pasta Bolognese

  1. this loooks delicious. I wonder if you might have any non-dairy alternative suggestions for the cream? As a Jew – I choose not to eat red meat and dairy together. I am looking for a good bolegnese sauce that doesnt combine the two. My uncle’s recipe uses butter, also dairy.

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