A Big Fat Italian Wedding

So my sister got married last weekend and now I find myself bored. My mom is enjoying her time to herself, but for some reason I can’t sit still and am anxious to get back to being so busy, I can’t think straight. I have truly enjoyed and loved every single minute of helping to plan her wedding, from the engagement parties, the showers, the bachelorette parties, the bridesmaid bags, every last detail. I am so happy she had the most perfect and beautiful wedding day. It really was a dream wedding.

I don’t even know where to begin to describe the chaos and all of the thrilling events that took place on her wedding weekend. The guest list had topped 500 people (more than 300 were family members who I personally know by name…), but luckily with the holiday weekend there were only around 450 in attendance on Saturday. My only important part on that beautiful Saturday (it truly was the most beautiful, perfect day of the year!) was to make a toast to Gina and Grant. Most maid of honor speeches are all about the bride and her relationship with the MOH. A lot of toasts don’t touch on the love between the married couple or the groom himself. I didn’t want my speech to be like that, so I took the path of not only depicting my love for my sister, but doing my best to describe to everyone in the room, the love between Gina and Grant. Everyone could feel  it in the room that night and didn’t need me to explain it in order for them to realize the tremendous amount of love and respect they have for one another, but I am glad I had the opportunity (and I kind of liked the spot light).

My family and Grandparent’s

The church was beautiful and it was a special experience for my sister to get married in the Italian Church where my Grandmothers, Aunts, Uncles, and parents were married. It is in the old Italian neighborhood in Indianapolis and is where my entire family comes together throughout the year to celebrate life in general. Holy Rosary is such a beautiful Church that it does not require any flowers or decorations. We provided handkerchief’s for “tears of joy” and mine was definitely useful, as my mother and I cried all day!

Holy Rosary Catholic Church

Gina and Grant lighting the Unity Candle

My brother, sister, and I

I can’t believe my sister is old to enough to be married…I don’t remember the picture below, but I swear it was just yesterday that we were in my aunt’s and uncle’s wedding’s as the miniature bride and flower girls! For example, here is a picture of Gina and Tommy in my Aunt’s wedding, oh so many years ago. How did time go by so quickly that now Gina and Tom are able to reenact this picture at Gina’s wedding?

Gina & Tom

The food was amazing and the Indiana Roof Ballroom out did themselves! My aunt Antonia and my Dad did an incredible job and the bridal entrance was one of the coolest parts of the night!  My aunt Antonia surprised my sister and Grant with a Saxophone and thunderstorm entrance into the ballroom. I am pretty sure it took everyone by surprise and was one of the most memorable parts of the night, besides my speech (!)….

Caprese Salad

Dinner! (wish I wouldn’t have been so nervous about my speech that I didn’t get to eat this deliciousness!!)

Dessert – Tiramisu and Baked Alaskan! Gina wanted dessert instead of a cake, but my mom surprised her with one anyway!

There was a delicious Lasagna as the appetizer, but I thought that since I had JUST made my first lasagna and it was so good, I would have a separate post of the lasagna we had as an appetizer. It was slightly different and from what I heard, one of the best things people had that night (I wouldn’t know considering my nerves did not allow me to enjoy any food that night, and I somehow missed the late night cheeseburgers and fries, which is not typical behavior from me!)

My mom and sister spent months with David, the wedding planner/designer on the tables. Each table had its own unique charm and special memory attached. There were 10 square tables and on each square table there was an antique tray with candles, pearls, a vintage golden box, framed pictures of family weddings in black and white, as well as sugared fruit (which to my surprise was real and SO delicious!!) Also included on the tables were notes Grant had written to my sister throughout their relationship. Each note was different and expressed his love for her. That is typical of Grant. He is a true romantic and loves my sister more than anything.

The room looked stunning and was lit by lights wrapped around the balcony. (the picture above isn’t the best, but it’s the only one I could find for now!) I am sad that is all over, and it is weird to say that my sister has a husband and she is a wife!  I called Grant her “husband” yesterday and it was the weirdest thing! It really does feel like yesterday we were little kids running around my Grandma’s house!

From L to R: Antonia, Gina, Concetta, Tommy, Nick and Me (the baby) – 6 cute little Italian kids in the 80’s

It’s hard to describe and show just how big and crazy my Italian family is, but I hope you enjoyed another glimpse into “My Big Fat Italian Life!” Coming soon…Lasagna from the Indiana Roof Ballroom, Blueberry Steak (I promised this a long time ago and it’s finally coming) aka Fileno al Mirtilio, and Colts Kickoff (GO HORSE!!!)

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