Wedding Showers Galore

The Happy Couple – 2 months until Mr. and Mrs. Glas!

Having to travel back and forth from Chicago to Indy every other weekend has really gotten in the way of my cooking, but that hasn’t stopped me from finding some creative inspirations along the way!  I have a serious passion for food and cooking, but I also have an extreme passion in all things planning, especially parties!  I was beyond excited when my Aunts asked me to help with my sister’s wedding shower and probably went a little over board, but had so much fun with everything. I also had a great time at a couples shower my parent’s friends had Friday night!  It was a casino themed party, which included gambling, great friends, and a lot of fun!

The wonderful hosts!

The shower on Sunday was a great party and we had a beautiful day, so I could not have been any happier with how it turned out.  I think she was a little nervous that I chose hot pink as the color scheme, but I thought the room was the perfect combination of summer, fun and sophistication! Check it out below!

My mom and I found the favors while we were wondering around the Food Show a few months ago here in Chicago, and I had decided upon the cupcakes because….to be honest, they are so much more fun for an afternoon party then having some ugly plain cake no one will look at!  Everyone likes to look…and eat cupcakes though! I had found the perfect white cupcake holders while I was visiting my friend (and NEW ROOMMATE!) in Minneapolis, but when I went to order them I was too late.  I was being a little bit of a perfectionist and only wanted white, but I settled for the silver and am glad they turned out perfectly (i’m sure no one even noticed…but me).

I was fortunate enough to be able to order all of my linens and the beautiful white chair’s from A Classic Party Rental and the table idea pretty much came straight from their showroom.  I wish I could take credit for it, but I can’t! My Aunt Annette added the final touch to the party when she included a porcelain spoon to the flower bowls and we told everyone it was so they could take a spoonful of my sister Gina’s sweetness home with  them! We also had a Champagne fountain, which was my personal favorite!

I wish I had more pictures to share, but it was kind of difficult to get some great photos since I no long have a camera (broke another one!) and my wonderful iPhone screen is pretty much grey because it is too broken! I did come up with a few more shower ideas and  can’t wait to plan my next one!  I was taking bets on which cousin it actually will be to have one next, but I’m definitely liking the idea of an “Ice Cream Sunday” shower…especially because our family showers are always on Sunday!

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