Food Extravaganza

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.”― Anthony Brandt

I came across this quote and I wanted to share it.  Of everything I know, this quote is something I know to be 100% true.   No matter what, no matter where, no matter when, family should be at the core of you.  This is definitely a quote I try to live my life by, and I hope you all take a minute to appreciate your family today!

Last weekend I spent some time with my parents and on Saturday we went to the NRA Food Convention here in Chicago.  My Dad was helping out a friend, so my mom and I met him there for the end of the day.  We got to try some really good food…not healthy food, but good and saw some really cool companies!  I tried to hold off on the free samples considering we had a big dinner planned at Cibo Matto, but it was certainly hard to resist.  On the plus side, I was finally inspired for my sisters shower I am helping to plan with my aunts and came up with some great ideas for favors and table decorations. Below are a couple of photos I took at the convention.  The pickles picture was taken specially for Alyssa…

I loooove Gelato, so I couldn’t resist 🙂

Cibo Matto was a really good restaurant, but it was unanimous that we liked the wine more than the food.  I ordered the carbonara, and while it was really good, I must brag that mine tasted just as good, if not better.  I know I am biased, but I’m just throwing that out there.  Everything else we ate was good…but not amazing.  It could be because my parents are food snobs (in a good way) and I walked away happy, yet not ecstatic.  We went  to the Cheesecake factory for dessert because it was close to their hotel and my Dad wanted cheesecake.  Good thing we shared a piece between the three of us because the Red Velvet Cheesecake contains 1800 calories.  No, I did not go and look this up.  We asked the waiter and he told us…with much hesitation.  My Mom and I definitely let my Dad have the majority of the bites…

I was planning on spending Sunday in the kitchen making pizza dough and preparing the ingredients for my pizza party, but Chicago made other plans for me!  It was such a gorgeous day and I was forced to spend the day on the beach…tough life, I know!  I am heading home for the Indy 500 this weekend and am going to try my hardest to include a Kitchen Adventure into my weekend.  Hopefully Monday I can help prepare the food for my brothers graduation party.

CONGRATULATIONS Jack!!  I can’t belive you graduated high school and are so old….I remember the day you were born and I tried to send you back 🙂  You can thank Mom for not allowing that to happen….Love you!!



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