No Joke…I am STUFFED!!

So the peppers were MORE than a success.  I am sitting on the couch right now so stuffed from all of the delicious food from tonight’s dinner.  I am so glad I was able share my passion with such wonderful company tonight.  It is so nice to be able to enjoy great food and great company at the same time!

The recipe I posted the other day for the peppers is not necessarily correct, so making dinner tonight was, as usual, an adventure.  My mom and I wrote down a recipe the last time she made the peppers, the first time I ever learned to make them, and we did some guesstimations (I think I made up this word, but you get the point).  They were not so accurate…I had to make more rice than I thought, I used all of the sauce (I thought there would be some left over to freeze) and I didn’t end up using all of the peppers.

We went to the grocery store today and the peppers there were a joke!  The red peppers were so small and the yellow peppers were not ripe.  We ended up buying organic red peppers (which were $3 a pepper!!!).  That is just insane.  They were huge as well, which is probably why I did not need to use all of them.  For some reason the rice kept burning (of course I can make homemade pasta sauce, but fail at making rice.  Typical), but once I used a smaller pot and made a larger serving of rice, it turned out perfectly.  My sauce was delicious.  I made Jess taste it and once she said she could just keep eating spoonfuls of it, I knew it was done.  The beef didn’t seem to have enough flavor with the salt and pepper, so I did what I always do when my food needs more flavor,  I added my Grandpa’s seasoning, David Page’s Special Seasoning, and it tasted delicious!  For proof, check out the photo’s below.  My friends went to town on the stuffing before dinner was even in the oven!

All in all, tonight’s dinner was a successful Kitchen Adventure!  It was the perfect end to a perfect weekend.  I am so excited for the warm weather here in Chicago and cannot wait for summer!  Next week I will be heading home for Easter, my FAVORITE holiday!  I am going to attempt baking some really pretty Easter desserts to share with my family…hopefully I won’t get as nervous as the last time I cooked for my family (they are all food snobs, but they are wonderful).

Here is a recap of Sunday Dinner below.  I could write more about dinner, but I will spare boring you with my words, and instead, make your mouth water!

Preparing the peppers!

Getting “Stuffed”

Stuffed Red Peppers

Our Lovely Family Dinner

Good and “Stuffed” – Proof Dinner was a Success!

~Jess made Chocolate Covered Strawberries~

I hope you enjoyed seeing another Kitchen Adventure and I hope the pictures inspire you to try them yourself!  I have felt so creative and challenged since starting this blog.  I hope to be able to inspire others as well!  Since it is spring and the sun is starting to shine again, everyone needs to indulge in their passions a little and jump into Spring!

I am coloring Easter Eggs this week, so hopefully there are more kitchen adventures to come before Easter.  The last time my roommate Alyssa colored Easter Eggs she stuck her entire hand into the dye to get out the egg.  Don’t judge her, she had never done this before..but I am very glad she reminded me of the incident today.


One thought on “No Joke…I am STUFFED!!

  1. I have a trick for the eggs. Bring the water to a boil then cover them & turn them off. Let them stand in the water for 19 minutes & take them out of the water. Should be perfect.

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