I’m “Stuffed”!

This Sunday I have decided to go back to the traditional, tried and true family recipes.  I am going to make Stuffed Peppers.  This meal is again one that I have made with my mother, but have never tried.  I love the rice stuffing, but I’ve never actually eaten it with the pepper.  My mom makes these for our Christmas Eve dinner and they are usually gone pretty quickly.  Most people in my family love them, so hopefully I won’t mess up this time!  And if I succeed…maybe I can take them over so my mom can lose about an hour of holiday stress this year!

My roommates are already planning on helping me with dinner and we are all going to the grocery on Saturday.  I am glad they are just as excited as I am about having family dinners on Sunday!  My friend Jill is coming into town tonight and we have reservations at Sushi Samba.  I am vowing to try something new when I go, so hopefully I will have something to fill you in on after this weekend!  I am getting nervous just saying that, but hopefully I will stick to it now that I have put it out there into cyber space…

So here is the Sunday dinner recipe.  If you are feeling like you need a challenge, or want to join in on the fun, make this for dinner Sunday and share your thoughts!

Stuffed Peppers (makes about 16 peppers)

8 Peppers (4 red and 4 yellow)

2 1/2 lb ground beef

1/2 large onion

2 1/2 cups cooked rice

3 1/2 cups sauce (this is usually pre-made so I will have to make my own batch!)

Salt & Pepper


Cut off top of peppers

Cut in half, but make sure to cut down the line where you will have a more concave pepper

Make sure to clean out so the pepper can hold the rice stuffing


Heat in a pan until brown

Add onion (chopped)

Add salt & pepper

Drain once cooked and put back in pot


Cook according to box

Add to meat mixture

Add 1 1/2 cups sauce

Preparing Entire Dish:

Add sauce to the bottom of pan

Stuff each pepper with rice and add to the pan (try to fit them as closely together as possible).

Cook at 350 degrees for an hour.

Also ~ Stay tuned next week for some fun Easter treats and even a Passover dessert in Honor of Ms. Alyssa Linder!

If I stick with it and actually join her during Passover I am going to make a special Passover dessert I found in Cooking Light!

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