Wellness Week

For the past two weeks I have been trying to eat healthy, watch my calories, and exercise.  I’ve been walking home from work, and trying to snack healthier at work on fruit (thank you Antonia for the case of Blood Oranges!!).  My family is coming to visit this weekend and in fear of not having enough time to cook dinner on Sunday, I thought I would share a simple recipe with you (this was NOT healthy and was my last indulgence for some time…hopefully)!

Monday, I came home from work stressed, tired, and starving.  I had to weigh myself at work on Tuesday, so I thought I would indulge in my last super unhealthy meal for a while, and maybe be a little heavier for the weigh-in so I could lose more weight.

I didn’t have much to work with, so I decided to make Pasta with Shrimp and Peas in a cream sauce.  This is a pretty easy meal to throw together if you have the ingredients and it does not take more than 20 minutes to make.

I started boiling my pot of water and cooked the shrimp.  For the sauce, I heated up some olive oil and then sautéed the garlic.  Once it started turning translucent, I added heavy whipping cream and skim milk,  the frozen peas, salt and pepper to taste, and a  bouillon cube.  I can’t tell you measurements because when I cook dinner for myself I go off of instinct, and luckily it usually turns out.  I only follow strict recipes when baking because I think baking is an art form and requires certain amounts of ingredients in order to turn out properly.

After the pasta was finished, the sauce had come to a boil and was finished (be sure to not boil to long or over cook because the milk will curdle) I served over linguine and indulged!

Luckily, my roommate Alyssa was eating with me (once again my biggest fan) and made us both a salad.  Good thing…

The sauce was so good I had it again for dinner last night, but this time, I poured it over the leftover Strata from Sunday’s dinner.  Surprisingly, the strata was better than before and tasted great with the sauce!

This is one of my favorite go-to recipes when wanting a quick and delicious dinner, so I hope you try it out and share your thoughts!

Have a great day and Happy St. Patrick’s day 🙂

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