Uninspired or Nervous?

I am heading home this weekend and am really looking forward to everything I have planned.  I am a very family oriented person, so it is hard for me to believe I have not seen my grandparents since CHRISTMAS!!! I am really excited to be going home for a 90th birthday party on Sunday because I will get to see my entire family, which is always fun!  On Saturday I get to spend the day with my lovely sister.  She is getting married in September so we are going to spend the day planning, registering, and hanging out.  Later that night I have a big dinner planned with my cousins!  I love when we have “family game nights” so when I suggested this fun activity for my visit home, my cousin Antonia suggested I make them dinner for my blog.

I am so excited to make dinner for everyone, but I have run into a sort of “cookers block.”  I CANNOT for the life of me decide on what to make.  I started out with the idea of a “Blood Orange Upside-down Cake” because blood oranges are my favorite, but they are not really in season right now.  Then I wanted to make an edamame risotto, but couldn’t think of anything to make with it.

I am becoming slightly frustrated seeing as how dinner is in two days… I do have an exciting Appetizer/Salad I am going to be attempting.  I came across a recipe for Wonton Caprese Salads.  Seeing as how I love caprese salads, but they are fairly simple to make and I make them all the time, I decided this would be my challenge.  I have never fried ANYTHING in my life.

Stay tuned for all the details on my “Family Affair” Adventures in the kitchen and wish me luck on finding some more inspiration…my nerves are beginning to get the best of me!

2 thoughts on “Uninspired or Nervous?

  1. Michael come to Gina’s Saturday night at 7 pm…I thought this cooking is supposed to be Italian not Jap.

  2. Hmm a cousins dinner huh….interesting. My invitation must’ve been lost in the mail. I do not wish you luck on finding more inspiration.

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