Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s the end of February and normally I would be anxiously awaiting spring and warm weather, but since moving to Chicago, I have been informed that apparently February is only the middle of winter, not the end.  I guess here in the Windy City, it is possible to have snow in may.  I shiver just thinking of the possibility.  So I am thoroughly looking forward to eating a big hot bowl of chicken soup tomorrow.  I am also looking forward to having that “at home feeling.”  Chicken soup just always makes me feel “at home.”

I have come to notice that this blog consumes my thoughts.  All week I was thinking about my dinner Sunday night.  I couldn’t wait to go to the grocery store to buy my ingredients,  I was nervous about my first attempt at making homemade noodles, I was anxious for my friends to try the soup, I was excited to just enjoy dinner with my friends and roommates, and I was even more excited to write all about the entire experience.

My weekly creative journey started today when I went to the grocery store.  I was frustrated by my purchases, because I had a hard time finding the ingredients I am used to.  I prefer Hunt’s over any other brand, but for some reason I can never find Hunt’s whole, peeled tomatoes.  This happens almost every time I make this soup, but I am frustrated every single time.  I stand staring at the canned tomato section for at least five minutes and people are starting to become equally frustrated with me for not moving out of their way.  So I finally gave up on my effort to find the perfect cans of tomatoes and bought my second choice brand.  I always can tell a difference in my soup when I use this brand, so before my cooking adventure even begins, I am slowly failing.

So after my frustration slowly starts to fade, I remember my Grandmother’s secret ingredient.  This ingredient is not necessary, and the soup is still amazing without it, but my curiosity becomes peaked again and I make the purchase.  This is not a cheap purchase and the only reason I decided to buy this particular ingredient is because of this blog.  This is my adventure and I allowed myself to splurge!

I also came across a cookbook today while at the grocery store.  My friend, Nikki, summoned me over to a section with cookbooks  that were on sale.  I immediately saw the one I had to have.  William Sonoma “Breakfast.”  I love breakfast.  I could eat breakfast for every single meal.  When I am out for breakfast I can never make a decision on what to order because I want it all.  Lunch and dinner meals I have a harder time ordering because, to be honest, nothing ever really makes my mouth water like a good french toast, a stack of pancakes, or an omelet.  So, I am excited to start making some of the recipes out of my new cookbook and can’t wait to become a great breakfast chef!

Stay tuned for Adventures in the Kitchen with Italian Chicken Soup, my journey in the kitchen tomorrow making homemade egg noodles and chicken soup for my friends!

This is me and my family (minus the soon to be Brother-in-law). I posted this picture because Sunday is always “family day” and since I am missing Sunday dinner at my Grandparents, I thought I would share my family with you!

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