Chicken Soup

Growing up, my mom’s chicken soup was by far one of my favorite meals.  My Grandma’s is just as good, but my mom would always separate the vegetables from the soup for me (I wouldn’t touch it if there were vegetables in there) and I never ate my Grandmother’s until I was older and got over my fear of having anything with color and nutrients touch my food.  My mom was the best for going to such extremes for me- it must have been a frustrating thing to do, but she did every single time without fail.

I’ve made this chicken soup many times, but I wanted to share it with all of you.  It is not your ordinary chicken soup.  I think it is more of an Italian chicken soup because the broth of the soup is mostly tomato based and you top it off with some parmesan.  The only thing is, this time, I am going to attempt home-made egg noodles.  This soup is so good you can eat it without any noodles, but I always particularly enjoyed it with egg noodles.  So in order to make this a challenge and to learn something new, I am going to make my own noodles!

I’ve made homemade pasta before while I was living in Italy, but it wasn’t very successful. It tasted more like eating a ball of dough.  So this time ,hopefully, I can figure out a great recipe, so wish me luck!

I don’t have an actual recipe for this soup.  I learned how to make this after years of watching my mother and a few more years of making it with her over my shoulder helping me along the way.  So this recipe may not be exact, and it may take a few times of you making it on your own to perfect it (just giving you a fair warning), but it is WELL worth it!

Italian Style Chicken Soup

1 whole chicken ( I prefer to buy already separated and cleaned)

1 bag whole carrots

1 bag celery

2 large onions

2 medium cans whole tomatoes, peeled (Hunt’s preferably)

1 lb vermicelli or Orzo (any noodle of your preference really)

Clean chicken and put into pot.  Fill pot completely with water.  Add salt.  Slowly bring chicken to a boil (cooking on medium heat) until all fat has come off, skimming continuously.  Do not over boil or chicken will be dry.

While chicken is cooking, peel and clean carrots and cut into small pieces to your liking.  Cut celery.  Cut each onion into 4 pieces (I prefer to keep them larger in order to remove them easily once finished).

When chicken fat has all come off, after about an hour or so, add carrots, celery, and onions.  Squeeze the juice of each tomato into the pot and then add each tomato.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Do not add too much salt because broth will become saltier over time.

While soup is cooking, break up vermicelli into very small pieces (if the pasta is too long it will become stringy in the soup).  If using Orzo or small pasta noodles, skip this step.

Once chicken is fully cooked and comes off the bone easily, remove from soup and remove bones.  I prefer to separate the vegetables from the broth before cooking the noodles.

Cook noodles in broth and serve!  Add parmesan to taste and enjoy!

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