Fileno al Mirtilio

Fileno al Mirtilio.  I am rendered speechless at the thought of this.  When I lived in Florence there was this restaurant around the corner from my apartment, Aqua al Due, and I fell in love with this place. Seriously, I went every chance I had.  First of all,  I had the best Vodka Sauce of my life there and I have yet to taste a sauce that compares.  If you have a recipe please send it my way, and I will try it, but I don’t think it is possible to get any better than this sauce.  Second,  I tried MY FIRST TOMATO there.  My friend Laura was eating this Caprese Salad and my mouth was watering watching her eat these bright red juicy halves, so she convinced me to try a bite.  I am not kidding – I was 21 and had never had 1 bite of a tomato.  I can’t  even get into detail the difficulties I had getting around eating them, but tomato’s are now probably one of my favorite foods.  And last, but not least,  I tried the Fileno al Mirtilio.

The Fileno al Mirtilio is a filet topped with this gorgeous purple looking sauce.  In english, it is basically called a “blueberry steak.”  At first, you are not sure what to think. The other options are very original (they serve them as a taster platter and there are 3 options), but the balsamic steak does give the Fileno al Mirtilio a run for its money, but comes up short.  I am not going to post this recipe just yet, seeing as I have yet to find a recipe I trust to be as wonderful as the one I had at Aqua al Due on Via Ghibillena, but will continue my search to find a recipe that will be able to at least compare.

I couldn’t resist posting about this steak because it is something I constantly look for on menus and hope to find, only to be disappointed for the last 3 years (ugh I can’t believe it has been that long).  I just wanted to make some mouthes water with the anticipation of the chance to eat a “blueberry steak.”  And some of you might think this does not sound very appetizing, but you are wrong, I promise.

I am heading to the store today to buy all the ingredients for tomorrow nights dinner!  I am excited to be able to share this recipe with my roommates and friends, so stay tuned for pictures and details of my first kitchen adventure!!

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