Kitchen Adventures!

Hello everyone!  This is my first post on my first blog! Kind of exciting and a little scary to be honest.  I am starting this blog as a personal quest to ignite my creativity, and fuel my passions in life.  I guess I am starting this blog in order to hold myself accountable for what I do with my life.  One thing I am truly passionate about is cooking.  I come from a long line of amazing people who do amazing things in the kitchen and I do not want that to fade away with my generation.  I come from a large Italian family where EVERYTHING happens in the kitchen.  Some of my greatest memories throughout my 23 years have been in the kitchen with my family – laughing, crying, discussing, learning, and most of all  – cooking!

So, every week I am going to post a new recipe, either a family heirloom or one I have come across and attempt to create mouth watering dishes!  I will do my best to update everyone on my successes (and failures) in the kitchen.  Hopefully, while embarking on this journey, I can make some great memories with the people around me who will get the chance to taste my experiments!

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Adventures!

  1. I remember stumbling upon this recipe years ago and had to try it …..obviously because it is my sister’s name. It is so simple to make and is DELICIOUS!

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