Girl and the Goat, Girl in the City

I like to believe I have self-control, strong will power, determination, endurance, motivation….the ability to stick with something longer than a few weeks. I mean, I started this blog over a year ago and continue to stick to making new recipes and learning to be a better cook. I think in some aspects of my life I display some of those characteristics, but sticking to diets and eating healthy is an area where I fail on all counts. Not one of those words describes my behavior or my characteristics when it comes to sticking to a healthy, or shall I say healthier lifestyle.

Yes, you may have guessed it, but I failed at the South Beach Diet. I did really well for over a week, but the socialite in me beat down the “wanna be skinny bitch” in me and I caved. I just don’t have the self-control or will power to turn down a night on the town with my friends or having a few cocktails at a wedding. And once I cave, there is no going back. I mean, I live in Chicago where drinking and eating are more than just past times, they are a way of life here and keep you from jumping into lake Michigan in the winter. So, that was the end of the South Beach Diet attempt. Maybe I will try it again. I felt great and my energy was up without all the booze and the carbs, but I was also super bitchy because I don’t like being hungry. End of story.

You may think I have this lovely pig picture up due to my lack of self-control and not sticking to my diet, but that is no the case. The pig face is here because that is what I ate for dinner last night. It’s nights like last night that prove my point above. It is impossible to stick to a diet in this city because at every turn there is an opportunity to experience something very cool and you just can’t turn it down. Life is too short. My friend made reservations at Girl and the Goat months ago and it is nearly impossible to get in. We tried to change our reservations and the next available night was in September. The menu is always changing and it’s just overall a really cool experience. If you have been reading my blog (and I hope someone is) you will know I have slowly started to grow out of my picky eater habits. I will no longer allow anyone in my life to call me a picky eater because not many people can say they have tried pig face. It wasn’t gross either. Actually, it was good. I also tried the Escargot Ravioli and although the thought of it makes me squirm today, it tasted like a mushroom and it was really good.

Pig Face
Pig Face at Girl and the Goat

I have not had time to be in the kitchen lately, which is something I find to be sad, but I’ve been busy attempting to be healthy and staying away from my one true love, pasta. It’s been a tough few months and it is one of my harder breakups I’ve gone through, but I am hoping one day I can rekindle the romance. Once the gym and I get a better understanding of each other, hopefully I can find a good balance between the two. Until then, it’s my sisters type of pasta (the multi-color healthy kind that makes me think “ick”, but it’s edible). She is a “skinny bitch” so I am trying to adopt some of her lifestyles. This veggie pasta is currently one of them.

Speaking of my break up with pasta…The Holy Rosary Italian Festival is this weekend and I have a feeling I am going to have a rebound. Everyone goes back a few times after a breakup anyway, right? I think it’s allowed. I will be eating all kinds of pasta this weekend and I won’t feel bad about it. Well, I will, but if I just let Ryguy (I think that’s what I will call him here from now on) buy all the food and I take bites off his, it won’t really count. Stay tuned for some highlights of my true Big Fat Italian Life back in Indy – it’s where the Italian magic happens. Hopefully this year I will remember to actually take pictures of the food!