Phase One, Day 4 – Garlic and Soy Pork Chops

I was going strong almost a full week into the South Beach Diet, Phase One. I made delicious Turkey Burgers Friday night and Saturday night the roomie (Laura) and I made pork chops and veggies. They were amazing. I had never made pork chops before so I literally had no idea what to expect. It was so simple and definitely a recipe I am going to keep on hand for a weeknight dinner.

South Beach Diet Phase One - Garlic and Soy Pork Chops

Garlic and Soy Pork Chops

2 boneless center-cut pork loin chops, trimmed of all visible fat
1/2 tablespoon light soy sauce
1 teaspoons minced garlic (I used garlic powder and worked great)
1/4 teaspoon paprika
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper

Sprinkle the pork chops all over with soy sauce, garlic, paprika, salt, and pepper. Cover and refrigerate at least 20 minutes or up to 2 hours.

Coat a grill rack or broiler-pan rack with cooking spray. Preheat the grill or broiler.

Cook the pork chops 4″ from the heat, turning once halfway through cooking time, for 10 to 12 minutes, or until a thermometer inserted in the center of a chop registers 155°F and the juices run clear. Garnish with the herbs.

Recipe from The South Beach Diet Cookbook.

The roomie was nice enough to play along with my South Beach Diet rendezvous and decided to stay in with me all weekend because I was banished from alcohol. I was worried I might go into shock, so I needed her by my side just in case (kidding of course…). It was a crappy weekend here in Chicago (when is it not these days) and we had decided to have an extremely productive and sober weekend. On Saturday we went to the gym and then headed to Ikea to get some essentials for our apartment. We decided to sign another year lease and figured we should put the final touches on the apartment if we were going to commit to 12 more months. We also got up the energy to finally paint our living room and re-paint the kitchen. The kitchen was a really pretty light green, but the “white” table we ordered to go with the green turned out to be “antique white” aka YELLOW. So the green kitchen and the yellow table didn’t mesh well and made us feel nauseous. They also say green makes you hungry and neither of us need help increasing our appetite, so we decided to paint the living room Lipstick (which is a coralish red) and the kitchen blue. We thought the blue would tone down the yellow table.

This is the living room before the “lipstick”

Living room before

and after…

We had so much fun painting the living room on Saturday, we woke up bright and early on Sunday to paint all over again. I think we were a little overly excited because I am not sure why we thought it was a good idea to paint the kitchen bright blue…Maybe it was the lack of alcohol in our system. I often say I make my best decision after a few drinks 🙂

Once the kitchen was finished,  we took a step back and realized we had turned our tiny apartment into the American flag. We had white walls with a blue kitchen and basically red living room. So after some thoughts on how we could fix this situation, we decided the only solution was to go back to the drawing board and paint our kitchen. Again. Third time is the charm, right?

We think so! Monday night we painted the kitchen a very pretty grey. Finally, after 8 months of living in this apartment, we like our kitchen! It goes well with our very bright living room (which I love!) and blends well with our decorations. All in all, it was a really fun and busy weekend and I woke up Monday morning feeling extremely refreshed. I might have had a serious case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) all weekend, but in the end, it was worth it! I don’t think I will be doing that every weekend from now on, but every now and then I think it’s good to relax and recharge.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! I am off to Indy (as usual) to sit poolside with my sister and not move all weekend.

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